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  • FBO Speak

    FBO Speak

    Interacting with the local FBO (Fixed Base Operator) isn’t something you’ll typically learn as part of a standard training curriculum at your local flight school.  But yet we depend on […]

  • Welcome to the Club – Now What

    Welcome to the Club – Now What

    Five ways to celebrate getting your wings Aviators are a unique breed. Some might say we are obsessive/compulsive and they could probably make a pretty good case. After all, we […]

  • Learn to love the wind

    Learn to love the wind

    Pilots spend a lot of time worrying about the weather, and for good reason–it’s a factor in many general aviation accidents. But while nasty things like thunderstorms and in-flight icing get a lot of attention, more flights are affected by wind than any other weather phenomena. It deserves serious attention.

  • Unlocking the PTS

    Unlocking the PTS

    When most students hear the term “PTS” they might think of a training acronym, an obscure part of their aircraft, or a list to buy at the grocery store.  Rarely […]

  • Breaking the Barriers, the Final 4 Obstacles to Your Flight Training

    Breaking the Barriers, the Final 4 Obstacles to Your Flight Training

    Sadly, many of the people who begin flight lessons are never able to see them through to earning a certificate. Much as the ongoing NCAA tournament that began with 68 teams is being whittled down to the final four, pilot candidates fall to the wayside for a plethora of reasons. But this article will discuss the four most common pitfalls and suggest strategies so you become a pilot rather than falling victim to these obstacles.

  • More Keeping Flying Fun

    More Keeping Flying Fun

    The last time I posted, we looked at flying just for fun and some of the fun things that you can do with your pilot certificate, now let’s take a look at what I would call some of the “fun ratings” available to you. These are ratings on your pilot certificate that you may not use on a regular basis but are a lot of fun to pursue.

  • Training Beyond the Certificate

    Training Beyond the Certificate

    There’s no doubt your checkride was conducted within the parameters of the PTS and you demonstrated quality decision making skills and judgment, but that’s just the beginning.  Earning a pilot […]




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