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  • When all else fails, FTFA!

    When all else fails, FTFA!

    One of aviation’s defining characteristics is its acronyms. FAR, ILS, PTS, WAAS and hundreds more fill our flying conversations, and often confuse new pilots. At the risk of adding to the confusion, I’d like to suggest one more, but it won’t be on the Knowledge Test. FTFA, loosely translated to Fly The Freaking Airplane, has come in handy dozens of times over the course of my flying career.

  • Wake Turbulence Avoidance

    Wake Turbulence Avoidance

    If you are like most students in the country, you are likely training at a smaller, pilot controlled (non-towered) airport.  There are many benefits to training at these smaller airports […]

  • The Joy of a Personal Flight

    The Joy of a Personal Flight

    As Christmas approaches once again, I can’t help but think back to an earlier holiday and a flying experience that I had with two of my favorite passengers; my two daughters. They were a bit younger when this occurred but it is still a great flying memory and one that I’m excited to retell.

  • Seven winter weather flying tips

    Seven winter weather flying tips

    As the season transitions from fall to winter and the temperature is consistently below freezing, unique challenges are presented to pilots. Flight training doesn’t need to stop in the winter […]

  • The dreaded pre-flight, and how to do it well

    The dreaded pre-flight, and how to do it well

    I’ve never liked the pre-flight inspection. It’s like the salad course before a steak dinner–sure, it’s good for you, but all it does is prevent you from getting to the good stuff. But if I could give some advice, it would be short and sweet: “Get over it.”

  • The Joy of Soft Fields

    The Joy of Soft Fields

    Incorporated into every pilot certificate is the Practical Test Standards (PTS) mandated Soft Field Takeoff and Landing.  Unfortunately, for many students, this simple PTS item can often be the source […]




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