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  • That Doesn’t Look Like My Airplane!

    That Doesn’t Look Like My Airplane!

    An activity that many pilots enjoy involves sitting at the airport and watching other pilots takeoff and land. While enjoying this pastime you may see some aircraft that look a bit different from your typical trainer.

    Join us as we take a brief look at some of the “other aircraft” that you might see.

  • Top 5 aviation summer activities

    Top 5 aviation summer activities

    The unofficial start of the summer flying season is of course the Sun ‘n Fun Fly In in Lakeland, Florida (the spring break for pilots) which wrapped up another successful […]

  • Make Better Landings

    Make Better Landings

    Proper planning prevents poor performance.  I’m not sure who to credit with the adage, but it very much applies to consistent landings. A good landing starts with good planning and […]

  • Change of Scenery

    Change of Scenery

    There will be days during your training when it seems tough to get excited about another lesson consisting of basic flight maneuvers. Here are some ideas to discuss with your instructor when you’re looking to change up your flight lessons a bit.

  • Sporty’s Hot New Products for April 1st

    Sporty’s Hot New Products for April 1st

    Editor’s Note: Happy April Fools’ Day. The World’s Largest Pilot Shop is celebrating April 1st with the release of these amazing new products. Developed by Sporty’s team of expert pilots, […]

  • Home Simulator Flying & Flight Training

    Home Simulator Flying & Flight Training

    Home computer flight simulation technology has made impressive leaps forward over the past 10 years. Finally, stock software made by companies like Microsoft and X-Plane allow for at-home flight simulation […]

  • The two bucket theory

    Many “seasoned” pilots reason a new flight student arrives for their first lesson with two buckets.  One holds the student’s flying experience, which is empty.  The other holds the student’s […]

  • Out with the Old, In with the New

    Out with the Old, In with the New

    Recently, the FAA formally announced that they would be removing a number of test questions from the Private Pilot Knowledge Test. These test questions included a number of weather related questions concerning Radar Summary Charts and TWEBs (Transcribed Weather Broadcast).
    This notice from the FAA got me thinking about these and some other weather products that have gone away in the last few years and what has come along to serve the same or a similar purpose. I’ll touch on the TWEB and Radar Summary Chart in this post and perhaps touch on some others in a future post.




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