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  • The one tip that finally helped me land better

    The one tip that finally helped me land better

    Making great landings consistently is easier said than done, and it’s easy to fall for the latest “miracle cure.” I won’t offer any of those, because good landings result more from practice, discipline and hard work than quick fixes. But sometimes the right visualization is the key: if you can truly understand all the interrelated events that happen during landing, it’s easier to make the correct control inputs.

  • Time to change the clocks

    Time to change the clocks

    It’s that time of the year again; time to change the clock back 1 hour. The end of daylight saving time marks very little in aviation by itself. The immediate […]

  • Corralling the crosswind

    Corralling the crosswind

    “Sporty’s Clermont County Airport, automated weather observation, 1823 Zulu weather, winds 310 at 13 peak gust 19…wind direction variable 230, 360…” I was turning final for Runway 22 at I69 […]

  • Top off the airplane fuel tanks? Maybe…

    Top off the airplane fuel tanks? Maybe…

    During flight training most pilots get accustomed to filling the fuel tanks all the way up before each flight. As you begin to fly larger airplanes you’ll soon learn that topping off the tanks is more the exception than the norm.

  • Self Weather Briefings

    Self Weather Briefings

    Given the recent change in technology, more weather information is available at pilots’ fingertips than ever before.  With this improvement, pilots can turn to many different sources for weather information, […]

  • More Out with the Old, In with the New

    More Out with the Old, In with the New

    In aviation, change comes slowly from the FAA and sometimes more slowly from its users. The Lifted Index Analysis / K-Index Analysis chart was a useful product in its day. It has essentially become a relic of history but this twice a day product of historical data has been replaced with faster and easier to interpret products. Find out more here.




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