Student pilot store

Student pilot store

Similar to fishing, camping, rock climbing, or boating, getting the right gear for flying is almost as important (and as fun) as the actual activity. At Sporty’s, we’ve operated our own […]

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

Complete Private Pilot Training There’s a lot to learn as a new pilot, but the good news is you can do much of that learning on your own schedule. In […]

Flight School Directory

Flight School Directory

One of the first steps in learning to fly is finding the right flight school. Our comprehensive database allows you to search by state and find a school that is […]

Sporty’s Academy

Sporty’s Academy

Sporty’s Academy, our on-site flight school, is a premier Pilot Training Center located at the Clermont County Airport in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. We welcome students from all […]


Recent Articles

Read the latest blog posts from our team of flight instructors and pilots. Every week, we share tips and tricks, helpful resources and personal training stories.

  • The one tip that finally helped me land better

    The one tip that finally helped me land better

    Making great landings consistently is easier said than done, and it’s easy to fall for the latest “miracle cure.” I won’t offer any of those, because good landings result more from practice, discipline and hard work than quick fixes. But sometimes the right visualization is the key: if you can truly understand all the interrelated events that happen during landing, it’s easier to make the correct control inputs.

  • Video Tip of the Week: power-on stalls

    Video Tip of the Week: power-on stalls

    This week we go flying to see what power-on stalls are all about. Some pilots are nervous about this maneuver, which can require a nose high attitude. But with a good understanding of the aerodynamics and a preview from outside the airplane, you’ll have the confidence to perform these stalls smoothly – and hopefully avoid an inadvertent one on takeoff.

  • Video Tip of the Week: frontal weather

    Video Tip of the Week: frontal weather

    Fronts are responsible for a lot of the weather we deal with as pilots, so it’s important to understand how they work and what kind of weather each one can create. In our latest video tips of the week, you’ll learn what causes squall lines, why warm fronts can sometimes cause embedded thunderstorms, and why an occluded front is really bad news.

  • Video Tip of the Week: aircraft icing

    Video Tip of the Week: aircraft icing

    In-flight icing is a hazard for any airplane, but most pilots have only a vague understanding of how ice forms and where to find it. In this video tip, we offer some helpful rules of thumb and bust some myths too. From understanding PIREPs to knowing the worst areas for icing along a front, this 5-minute segment is packed with practical tips.

  • Time to change the clocks

    Time to change the clocks

    It’s that time of the year again; time to change the clock back 1 hour. The end of daylight saving time marks very little in aviation by itself. The immediate […]

  • Video Tip of the Week: rectangular course

    Video Tip of the Week: rectangular course

    The rectangular course is one of the most basic maneuvers pilots learn during flight training. While it may sound boring, there’s a lot to learn from this simple pattern. In our latest Video Tip of the Week, we walk through each step of the rectangular course, with in-cockpit video and 3D animations.

  • Video Tip of the Week: angle of attack

    Video Tip of the Week: angle of attack

    You’ve probably heard that “you can stall an airplane at any airspeed and any attitude.” It’s true, but it sure doesn’t make much sense. In our latest video tip of the week, we tackle angle of attack, a critically important but often misunderstood topic. You’ll learn what it really means, how to visualize it in flight and what the new generation of AoA gauges shows.

  • Corralling the crosswind

    Corralling the crosswind

    “Sporty’s Clermont County Airport, automated weather observation, 1823 Zulu weather, winds 310 at 13 peak gust 19…wind direction variable 230, 360…” I was turning final for Runway 22 at I69 […]




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